Why I Walked Out Of Subway In Disgust

I thought their salads were supposed to be vegan

Pathless Pilgrim
2 min readSep 5, 2022


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I used to think Subway were a fairly progressive company. Sure, they still sell a sh*tload of meat and dairy, but they have some pretty tasty vegan options, like the meat-free meatballs and the vegan TLC (‘Tastes Like Chicken’).

What’s more, they always change their gloves before prepping any vegan order, to avoid cross-contamination.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been going in there a lot, making it an almost daily habit.

Today, I went in as usual, but there was quite a queue. There were two people serving: the manager was filling the subs with meat while an assistant seemed to be covering the salads.

As I watched the manager filling subs with all kinds of animal flesh— bacon, ham, beef — I made a mental note to make absolutely sure he changed his gloves, which were practically dripping with animal fat and meat juices.

I was so fixated on the grotesque and gruesome sight of so much chopped and greasy animal flesh that I failed to notice his assistant had now moved off to operate the cash register. Without warning, the manager took her place and started scooping out handfuls of salad, olives and whatnot with his filthy, greasy, corpse-dripping gloves.

I was so disgusted I walked out without saying a word. In hindsight, I was probably being naïve — it’s one thing to change your gloves when a vegan comes in and places an order for plant-based food, but do I really think they change them every time they need to handle the salads? Maybe not, but that’s what utensils are for!

Is it too much to expect that vegetables and salad should be vegan? They’re sold as vegan, so surely Subway have a legal, as well as a moral duty to make sure they’re not covered in meat juices?

I’ve written to Subway to complain and to demand action. Until I get a satisfactorily reassuring reply, I won’t be eating from there again.

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