I’m a 53-Year-Old Male Lazy-Girl

And I was way ahead of the curve

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I’m a 53-Year-Old Male Lazy-Girl… And I was way ahead of the curve
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A new trend has exploded on TikTok.

Seems everyone now is looking for ‘Lazy Girl Jobs’.

Hugely popular among Zoomers, it’s the latest in workplace idealism.

Well, I’m proud to say I was way ahead of the curve there.

Despite being a 53 year-old male, it seems I’ve been following the Lazy Girl path for years!

A lazy girl job is defined as an easy job where you work for fewer hours, work from home and make a comfortable salary.

Lazy girl jobs offer more freedom than traditional careers. For many, they provide space to develop their own interests alongside their work.

Interests like content creation. Side hustles. Their real passions.

A lot of would-be influencers take lazy girl jobs because it affords them time to work on their social media content.

It’s a break from the traditional 9–5 work ethic. A kind of idealism. A chance to follow your dreams.

It’s closely linked to quiet quitting.

I was doing it 30 years ago. We used to call it dropping out.

At the time I was young, free and single, working 9–5 seven days a week and going off at weekends and during annual leave to hike, camp, climb, meditate, paint, write poetry and hang out with friends.

Then I realised I could turn it on its head and do the free-spirited bohemian thing 5 days a week and work just weekends, while still earning enough money to fund my modest lifestyle.

Later on I took it further, becoming a street musician, which afforded me the freedom to travel wherever I liked, whenever I liked, and make money as I went.

Maximum flexibility. Minimal expenses.

Later, when I had a house, a wife and rescued animals to support, I took a job working from home.

That was long before Covid brought homeworking to the mainstream.

I quickly discovered that with my newly acquired homeworking experience and home office set-up I could make more money working part time with bonuses than I was previously earning…



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