For the Love of Wildness

Embracing nature in the modern world

Pathless Pilgrim
4 min readJul 22, 2023


Nature Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy created by Pathless Pilgrim using Clipdrop A.I.
Image created by the author in the style of Andy Goldsworthy using ClipDrop

October, and the leaves hissed in the canopy above, like gravel on the seashore. The creaking and groaning of the larger boughs spoke of a restlessness in the air that had replaced the sleepy days of summer.

Even down on the woodland floor, the occasional gust lifted my hair, and the constant fall of leaves was like a rain of fire.

I stood and surveyed my work, bent to make a minor adjustment, then stood again and stepped back. I knew the mosaic of coloured leaves I’d been creating for the past while (time meant less in those days) would not last out the coming storm, but maybe it would remain long enough for a fellow walker in these woods to come across it with surprise and delight, a memory to help make their day.

If not, and subtly graded array of golden and crimson leaves, winding like a dragon between the tree roots, was whipped away in the wind before another human eye could see it, so be it. It didn’t matter.

The value of this art was in its creation, not its permanence.

I was inspired, of course, by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, who’s sculptures of leaves, twigs, stones and even icicles adorned the glossy pages of a large ‘coffee table’ book I had at home.

That was before I had access to the internet. In many ways, Google killed the magic of the world. Nowadays, thousands of such creations can be viewed online at any time, but back then the beautiful works of ephemeral nature art between the covers of Goldsworthy’s book were the only examples I had, and I’d seen nothing else like them.

I spent hours in the woods, not exactly trying to emulate Goldsworthy’s creations, but inspired by him to create my own natural art from leaves, twigs and rocks. It was a kind of dynamic meditation that sometimes absorbed my attention for so long that my ever-present companion Annie, a chocolate Weimaraner with boundless energy, would eventually stop chasing the scents and rustles among the trees and undergrowth, and settle down by my side to wait.

Soothed by the soft hissing of the trees and the delicious mushroomy aroma of the deep humus, I would lose track of time. When I eventually…



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