Are You An Animal Lover — Quick Test

Think you love animals? Take this quick test to find out if it’s true.

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3 min readAug 8, 2022


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In a survey of 1,000 British adults, a whopping 85% classified themselves as ‘animal lovers’. Are you one of them? Take this quick test to find out…

It’s a cliché that Britain is ‘a nation of animal lovers’ so you might not find this statistic surprising but even in many other countries, I’m guessing the results would be pretty close. Many of us tend to pride ourselves on our love of animals and wear it as a badge of honour, a kind of status symbol proving we are good people.

As a society, we abhor cruelty and detest those who abuse animals. Cases of animal cruelty that hit the news headlines are met with howls of outrage and outpourings of righteous anger.

Yet, despite telling ourselves and others that we love animals and would never do anything to hurt them, many of us are deluding ourselves and lying to our closest friends. There are not nearly as many animal lovers around as we would like to believe.

The problem is that people even manage to fool themselves, by way of intricate mental gymnastics, that they love animals when, in fact, their actions belie the truth. It may very well be that you genuinely believe yourself to love animals, but is it really true?

To find out, take this simple test.

Simply answer this one question:

Do you eat meat?

That’s it. Simple. If you answered ‘Yes’ then the answer is clear. You’re not an animal lover.

Dog lovers don’t eat dogs.

Cat lovers don’t eat cats.

And animal lovers don’t eat animals.

I mean, how ridiculous would that be? Would you eat your child, who you love? Or your spouse? Would you pay someone to knock them on the head and slit their throat? Or lock them in a gas chamber until they’d lost consciousness, thrashing and screaming in terror and agony, before butchering them and serving them to guests.

The idea that you could ever do this to someone you loved is so sick and twisted it’s preposterous. So how can people who claim to love animals pay to have them tortured and killed in cold blood by these very same methods?

It comes down to a simple choice. You can love animals, or you can eat them, but you cannot do both.

What will it be?

Author’s note: out of the 1,000 respondents interviewed in this survey, all of them ate meat, which just goes to show the level of cognitive dissonance among the general, meat-eating population.



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