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Blood Money, Beagles and a Bloody Big Victory

Pathless Pilgrim
4 min readJul 9, 2022


There has been some incredible news here in the UK in the last 24 hours with massive implications for the animals rights movement. It concerns MBR Acres, a facility that breeds beagles to be tortured and dismembered for profits.

Before I share the news, I’ll briefly outline the background to this story for anyone unfamiliar with MBR Acres and Camp Beagle.

Marshall Bio Resources has been breeding and selling animals for torture in vivisection laboratories for 75 years. Every year, at their Huntingdon facility (MBR Acres) they breed around 2,000 beagles to be tortured and killed in cruel and unjust experiments in the name of ‘science’.

All this is done with the full consent and protection of the state.

For the past year, there has been a permanent protest camp, Camp Beagle, outside the facility made up of dedicated animal rights activists determined to shut the facility down for good. The activists at the camp have been repeatedly harassed by MBR security, police and the courts, but they have stuck it out and remained outside the facility, gaining much publicity and support for the cause.

Following a recent Freedom of Information request from the Home Office, Camp Beagle have discovered that not only does MBR profit from the sale of live dogs and puppies, but they also sell blood, organs and body parts to customers, too.

Dogs who are classed as ‘surplus’ — ex-breeding ‘stock’ or those who are deemed ‘unsuitable for sale’ — are kept as ‘blood donors’.

This is not nearly as altruistic as it might sound. In reality, they are bled repeatedly, without limit, in order to supply blood to animal laboratories for testing purposes. When they are no longer considered useful, they will be ‘exsanguinated’ which is a euphemistic way of saying ‘bled to death’.

In their license application, MBR state they will keep a ‘colony’ of an estimated 35 dogs for repeated ‘harvesting’ of blood. Phrases such as ‘harvesting’ are used to depersonalise and commodify the animals and to solidify the view that they are nothing more than ‘products’ to be utilised, rather than sensitive, intelligent, sentient beings with…



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